Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Some more of my Expatriate work.

Here’s page 6 of Expatriate with process GIF included. :)

Hope you all dig it!

It’s wednesday and that means you get to see another full page from Expatriate.

If you’re going to Boston Comic Con I’ll have some 8 page Expat Zines with me. 


Here’s another Expatriate full page. Enjoy! :)

Boston Comic Con

Hey guys,

I’ll be at the Boston Comic Con this year, August 8-10. Swing by table D804 at the Artist’s Alley, I’ll be sitting with the lovely Stacey Lee( staceyleephillips) . Come say hi, chat us up and take a look at our work. :)

I’ll be selling prints ($15 or 2 for $20), postcards ($2), Expatriate Zines ($2)  as well as taking commissions . If you’re interested in commissions you can email me at ricardolopezortiz@gmail.com, go through my ask me anything or at the show to get on the list.

Busts are $40 and Full figures are $80, all on 9x12 paper.

 Hope to see you there!

Hey, I don't if you're aware of this however I was gonna curiously look through your portfolio section and it seems the link isn't working. It doesn't link me to the site directly. Just a heads up!

A question by Anonymous

Hey, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea, and it’s fixed now. Here’s the link to my portfolio site if you still want to check it out.  www.rlopezortiz.com


After a session of minor tune-ups with rock star editor, Chris Robinson, the script for the first five issue arc of Expatriate is complete. Onward!

In honor of Batman Day here’s some of my Batman Illustrations. 

The Image Comics solicitations for October 2014 are live, which includes ZERO #11 written by Ales Kot aleskot. Which I’ll be handling art duties for with colors by Jordie Bellaire jordiecolorsthings.

Above is my cover for the Issue with colors and design by the fantastic Tom Muller hellomuller, as well as the original drawing.

 ZERO #11

story: ALES KOT

OCTOBER 22 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Iceland, one year later. Zero’s past comes knocking.


The Brazilians may have crashed out of the World Cup but we’ve still got your weekly Expat fix covered! This week we take a peek at a few panels from pages 4 and 5. While a tough crew has taken seats around a table, Frank sits at the bar nursing a beer. Tired of Brazilian soccer/football (how’s that for timing?), he changes the channel to find himself featured on the news. The FBI is closing in - and a member of the gang seated behind Frank picks up on the development.

One attribute of some of my (Chris speaking) favorite comics is their ability to develop a narrative throughout a story without loads of narration and exposition up front. The writer helps provide a frame work and the artist builds the world, pulling the reader in together. Take Brandon Montclare/Amy Reeder’s ROCKET GIRL for example. On the first page, four short captions from the protagonist, Dayoung, tell who she is, where we are and where we are going. The rest we learn through the story, as opposed to it being told or fed to us. It’s great stuff and I hope we are able to pull off something similar with EXPATRIATE.

Some more of my Expatriate work.


Page 3 displays some of my favorite work by Ricardo, especially the top image, split into three panels. He absolutely nailed the picture I had in my head, based on rough sketches I did - and unfortunately misplaced - prior to working with him (which makes it even that much better!) 

The kite fighting was inspired by the Rio de Janeiro episode of No Reservations from a few years agoAnthony Bourdain spends much of the episode in one of the favelas, during which his local guide explains the popularity of kite flying among children and the competitions/fights.

Page 3 of Expatriate is up! Also Chris had some nice things to say about my work, so there’s that as well. :)